Quotes | 2x22 As I Lay Dying

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Damon: I know you love Stefan. And it will always be Stefan. But I love you. You should know that..
Elena: I do.
Damon: I will always choose you.
Klaus: I could have compelled her to behave, but a real ripper enjoys the hunt.

Quotes | 2x21 The Sun Also Rises

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Damon: Come back as a vampire and I will stake you myself cause I can't stand the idea of you hating me forever.
Elena: Witches are supposed to maintain the balance of nature. It's your duty to them. To keep this curse sealed.

Quotes | 2x20 The Last Day

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Stefan: Look, I know this isn't the first time you have thought about it, drinking vampire blood to survive and I know I have thought about it a 100 times.
Elena: and before all this with Klaus? Do you think about it then?
Stefan: Of course I did. Look, if it were my choice I would want to be with you forever.
Elena: Why have you never brought it up?
Stefan: Because I knew if it was an option you would have. It's selfish for me to ask you.
Elena: Didn't stop Damon.
Stefan: He shouldn't of done what he did, he did it because he loves you.
Elena: But he did this to me, Stefan. Which means he doesn't really know what love is and to be honest I don't know if I do. I'm seventeen years old. How do I know any of this yet. I know that I love you Stefan, I know that but my future, our lives together, those were things I was supposed to do as they came along, I was supposed to grow up, decide if I wanna have kids and start a family, grow old and I was supposed to have a lifetime of it. Now, that's all gone.
Stefan: It's ok to say it, please.
Elena: I don't want to be a vampire, Stefan. I never wanted to be one.
Elena: we are climbing all the way to the top?
Stefan: Oh yeah.
Elena: well can't you do one of super power vampire jumpy things.
Stefan: No, it's your last day as a human, why cheat now?
Stefan: so you don't remember anything that happened?
Alaric: No, it's like I blacked out and woke up 3 days later.

Quotes | 2x19 Klaus

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Katherine (to Elijah): That is too sad for me to accept, my lord. Life is too cruel... if we cease to believe in love, why would we want to live?

Damon: You should be thankful she's here. She's keeping me from going for what I really want.
Stefan: You're right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend.

Quotes | 2x18 The Last Dance

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Damon: You see, that's why I didn't tell you. Cause you would have never been able to do it. Don't get me wrong, Stefan. I don't mind being a bad guy. I'll make all the life and death desicions, while you're busy worrying about collateral damage. I'll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I'll be the one to keep her alive.

Damon [to Elena]: Let me be clear about something. If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.

Damon: I have moves you've never seen before.

connection with the reality

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Ty zajímavě propletené vztahy v seriálu a to co se mezi postavami děje se stává i mě v životě.. jsou mi blízcí :) Dokáže mě to vždycky tak hluboko zasáhnout.. a ráda o tom, co se v seriálu děje přemýšlím.. Taky miluju tu celou atmosféru a herce :)

Quotes | 2x17 Know Thy Enemy

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Isobel: sorry for being such a disappointment to you Elena.

Elena: You screw up everything, John. Everything you touch just falls apart. But you're the only parent I have left. So maybe I can learn not to hate you.

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